Law Offices of Sandra Echevarria P.A.

A Trusted Immigration Team Committed To Your Success

At the Law Offices of Sandra Echevarria, P.A., we have a talented team of legal professionals that works together to serve clients with the highest levels of diligence, skill and dedication. That team includes experienced attorneys and professional staff. Our staff members are integral to what we do. They help prepare and process applications, correspondence and the many nuts and bolts of our firm’s operations.

Staff Members By Department

Our professional staff includes the following people in our Miami and Naples, Florida, offices.


  • Sarah Echevarria, Head of Applications Department, Miami office
  • Blanca Chavez, Miami office
  • Valentina Quintero, Miami office
  • Katherine Carcamo, Paralegal, Naples office


  • Glorivit Dominguez, Miami office

Consular Processing & FOIA:

  • Russenia Dominguez, Head of Consular Processing & FOIA, Miami office
  • Alexandra Paulino, Miami office


  • Ramon Dominguez, Jr., Miami office
  • Massiel Rodriguez, Miami office
  • Nina L’Houtellier, Miami office


  • Francisca Dominguez, Miami office
  • Anarelys Conde, Miami office
  • Evelyn Lorena Monsalves, Miami office
  • Elizabeth Mirabal, Miami office

Our Shared Commitment

All of our lawyers and staff share a commitment to providing top-notch immigration services. Our vision is to help you accomplish your goals and dreams by handling your immigration case with the utmost care. To that end, you can expect professional, personal service rooted in a passion for making a positive difference.

Get In Touch With Our Firm For Multilingual Immigration Services

To learn more about how we can address your immigration needs, call 305-600-5394 or send us an email. From our offices in Florida, we serve clients throughout the nation and around the world, offering services in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.