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photo of attorney Sandra Echevarria and her professional staff

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Personally I was having a hard time solving my immigration problem. After consulting 2 lawyers, who did not want to take my case because of its complexity. I met Sandra Echeverria by recommendation. At that moment I realized that she was the right lawyer. Without fear of anything and with a clear work strategy. She took my case forward despite any adversity. Very studied and charismatic make her a professional with a lot of influence. Recognized even by the same immigration agents –

Professional 100%
5.0 stars
Posted by Gary November 6, 2019


Hola, mi nombre es Inocencio Farias y quiero compartir mi experiencia; Sandra Echevarría es una gran abogada, hemos estado trabajando en mi caso 10 años. Y en todo ese tiempo Sandra Echevarría hizo un excelente trabajo, siempre estuvo al tanto con mi caso, me notificaba cada vez cuando se necesitaba algún documento, cuando había cambios etc. .Le agradezco muchísimo su paciencia, tiempo, esfuerzo a ella y a su gran equipo! Los estimo mucho, ellos siempre me trataron con mucha carisma, como uno más de sus familiares. 



Sandra is AMAZING!!!, I known her since April of 2013. We “fought” together more than six years, she was with me until FINALLY I got my Green Card. Sandra Echevarria is the BEST attorney ever!
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The BEST attorney ever!
5.0 stars
Posted by Jorge Sepulveda Berrío August 13, 2019

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